Capture prospective borrowers early in their homebuying journey, long before the competition.

Senso’s white-label digital experience enables lenders to engage prospective homeowners with meaningful and valuable insights, cementing the lender’s position as a trusted partner.

Drive engagement by providing existing customers with financial education

Give your customers convenient access to weekly home buying power updates, home value alerts, instant offers, and area insights within their affordability.

No more static marketing content – your customers get a tailored experience.

Empower Loan Officers – Turn UX into Intent

Monitor digital engagement and provide actionable insights to marketers and mortgage teams improving conversion and pull-through rates.

30 day activation period. No complicated installation or integration required.


Intent Driven Intelligence Platform for Retail Lending

Aggregation of credit, real estate, and transactional data to enable financial institutions to predict and respond to behavior in real-time resulting in meaningful customer interactions and increased wallet share.

Make the Transition from Reactive to Proactive

Grow your mortgage portfolio by proactively knowing and engaging the right customers to increase top of funnel growth.

Turn Data Into Insights

We monitor customer engagement with the application and provide actionable analytics to your loan officers improving marketing conversion and mortgage pull-through rates

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    User Journey Insights

    Monitor borrower behavior to nurture relationships from initial contact to loan closure

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    Enhanced Experiences

    Aggregate behavioral intent data to understand when clients are ready to buy

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    Borrower Alignment

    Become a trusted resource which builds advocacy with homebuyers

Senso AI Features

  • Engaged Client Behavior

    Real-time, ranked from low to high

  • Likelihood to Take Action

    Be ready when they are

  • Likely Home Sale Price

    Turn a lagging indictor into a leading one to enhance decisioning

  • Lookalike Audiences

    Prioritize targeting for the remainder of your portfolio

Our Team of Backers

Senso’s investors have exited multiple billion-dollar success stories in enterprise software.

With this relationship, we will be able to help our clients with AI-powered insights driven by high-quality data. Mortgage attrition is a real problem, and the Senso solution helps deploy proactive strategies that optimize client experience and lifetime value.

- Executive at Top Tier Financial Institution

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