Grow Your Mortgage Portfolio by Proactively Knowing the Right Customers to Contact and When to Contact Them

Senso brings together marketwide data to enable financial institutions to proactively respond to customer behavior with meaningful customer interactions leading to increased mortgage balance through both retention and acquisition 

Predictive Lead Scoring

Predictive alerts identify existing customers months before their next mortgage transaction, enabling proactive contact before competing originators and realtors.

Senso’s proactive approach achieves a 10% incremental lift over controls vs existing reactive industry standards.

Increase Mortgage Originations

Fill your funnel with higher quality, qualified leads leading to increased mortgage originations

Have more leads than your team can handle

Continuous Improvement

Our AI models are always learning and always improving though ongoing R&D as well as up-to-date market data

Empower your team with the ability to measure outcomes and continuously improve

Success Story

See how Senso partnered with TransUnion to deliver 10% incremental lift in retained mortgages

Senso and TransUnion powered one of the largest North American banks to see a lift in retention rates, targeting effectiveness and new clients identification.

Empower your team to make data driven decision quickly

  • Engaged Client Behavior

    Real-time, ranked from low to high

  • Likelihood to Take Action

    Be ready when they are

  • Likely Home Sale Price

    Turn a lagging indictor into a leading one to enhance decisioning

  • Lookalike Audiences

    Prioritize targeting for the remainder of your portfolio

Our Team of Backers

Senso’s investors have exited multiple billion-dollar success stories in enterprise software.

With this relationship, we will be able to help our clients with AI-powered insights driven by high-quality data. Mortgage attrition is a real problem, and the Senso solution helps deploy proactive strategies that optimize client experience and lifetime value.

- Executive at Top Tier Financial Institution

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