Unlock the Potential of Large Language Models in Your Financial Institution

Senso empowers financial institutions to curate institutional knowledge, minimize costs, and enhance customer satisfaction

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Our mission is to transform scattered knowledge into useful insights

Senso leverages the power of Large Language Models to enable Financial Institutions to make institutional knowledge accessible through natural language


Reduce Call Times

Empower Front Line Teams


Improve Data Quality

Identify Gaps In Documents


Real-Time Analytics

Access Real-Time Intelligence

Curate Institutional Knowledge

Harness the power of Language Models to foster a synchronized effort between your front and back office teams to identify document gaps, and improve the accessibility of policy documents, procedures, and structured data.

Energize Your Front Line

Empower your branch personnel, call center teams, and loan officers to harness the capabilities of AI. Facilitate smoother operations, enhance customer interactions, and set the pace for institutional advancement.

Boost Operational Efficiency

Leverage the power of AI to streamline processes and reduce wait and call times across your front line. Foster a more efficient workflow, decrease waiting periods, and boost overall productivity.

Optimize Your Workflows With Large Language Models

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    Integrate With Your Knowledge Base

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    Identify Gaps In Your Documents

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    Boost Front and Back Office Efficiencies

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    Access Trending Business Intelligence

Our Team of Backers

Senso’s investors have exited multiple billion-dollar success stories in enterprise software.